Screen Rooms

Miami Screen Rooms

Not only add value to a home but are a functional and affordable space where you can enjoy the sun and keep the bugs away while going about your activities.

Screen rooms can be designed to a homeowner’s specifications, they can be constructed with elite insulated panels, although aluminum framing.

Screen Rooms can include a skylight which allows more natural light to enter the room hence enhancing the warm and cozy feel of the room. They are normally added to an already existing structure or they can built separate from the main house structure and have their own style and design and choosing to install  new screen room for your patio, it will enhance the area for entertaining friends and family.

Various options for obtaining a screen room are available for example using a kit to construct one yourself although  much of the technical construction will have been provided by Alumicenter Inc. where the kit is bought. They can also be built from scratch with the right tools and material at hand, as long as the designs have been made on the blue print. Alternatively a contractor can be hired to construct the screen room, this is the best option especially if the home owner does not have the skills or the inclination to do the work themselves. In addition complex designs can be achieved best through a contractor.

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