Hurricane Shutters

Miami Hurricane Shutters

Are essential if you live in an area like Miami that is prone to hurricanes, you know you would rather have something that protects your windows, than have to replace them over and over again when a storm passes through. Investing in a hurricane shutter is the best thing you can do to get protection of your life or property. Hurricane Shutters offer a solution to this problem; this is because they are made from aluminum to protect from flying objects that will break windows or glass doors. Roof failures and interior wall failures can also be avoided with hurricane shutters.

There are different kinds of shutters to choose from including:

  • Storm Panel Hurricane Shutters.

These shutters are made of steel or aluminum and are attached to the walls around windows and doors with bolts or tracks. They also come in several styles for example the style which contains both bolts and tracks, one which uses only bolts which are permanently set into the wall beside the doors and windows, and those which use a set of C-shaped tracks above and below the doors and windows. The main advantages of storm panel shutters are that they are not expensive, are removable and strong while the disadvantages are that they require storage, can be difficult to handle, have sharp edges and sometimes don’t line up properly.

  • Accordion Shutters.

Accordion shutters are the most commonly use in south Florida for window protection, they stack tightly to allow a look that is “soft on the eyes” but not “hard on the wallet.” Accordion Shutters offer durable, life-time protection and have proven to increase the market value of your home or business. you can get then in variety of color including white, ivory,beige and bronze.


  • Bahamas hurricane shutters

These are one piece louvered shutters that are attached directly above the windows, their advantages are that they are permanently fixed beside the windows, can be assembled by one person in case of a storm, don’t require any storage space and provide a permanent shade and privacy. Their disadvantages are that traditionally they have been weaker than other systems, and their designs limit their use in that they can’t protect doors.

  • Roll-down hurricane shutters

Roll up hurricane shutters attach above the windows and can be rolled up and stored in an enclosed box when not in use. They can be lowered automatically by a push button or manually by a hand crank. Advantages of these shutters are that they can be easily assembled by one person in case of a storm, are permanently fixed above the windows and offer some of the best protection including theft determent. Disadvantages are that they are the most expensive of popular shutter systems.

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